Blood Flow
Restriction Training

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Learn how to build muscle safely and with less effort using blood flow restriction (BFR) training. Also called Kaatsu training, this seemingly novel exercise technique actually goes back decades ago. Now, you can reap its benefits when you download my FREE report and demo — coming soon! Just enter your email and you will be among the first ones to receive the content, as soon as it’s available!


Just what can you reap from blood flow restriction training?

BFR training involves performing strength training exercises while restricting blood flow to the extremity being worked. By using just 30% to 50% of the weight you'd normally use, you can reap maximum benefits, such as:

  1. Stimulating muscle growth and strength in about half the time, using about one-third of the weight, compared to standard weight training.
  2. Dramatically reducing your risk of muscle injury, as you’re using lighter weights.
  3. Activating fast-twitch fibers and triggering the release of human growth hormone — just like with high intensity interval training. It’s particularly helpful for those who are getting up in age.
  4. Forcing more rapid muscle fatigue and muscle failure that leads to subsequent repair and regeneration processes.

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